2022 Ultraviolette F77 electric motorcycle launch in November 2022: 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds! – Times of India

Ultraviolette Automotive finally announced that it will launch its F77 electric motorcycle on 24th November.
This urban sports bike will have a phase-wise roll-out plan across the country, starting with Bengaluru, followed by other cities and it is subsequently looking at the F77 being launched across the US and Europe.
The Ultraviolette F77 electric bike has been under development for quite some time now and was delayed because of the pandemic and semiconductor shortage.
Talking about the electric bike, the F77 motorcycle will be available in three trims – Airstrike, Shadow and Laser. The company claims that each of these variants has been designed for a different set of customers and ‘reflects a certain identity and personality.’
The electric bike will be powered by in-house battery technology, the F77 will get up to three modular lithium-ion battery packs and it will offer a range of up to 140-150 km per charge. The electric bike produces 33.5 bhp of power and gets features such as LED headlamps, dual-channel ABS, adjustable suspensions, multiple drive modes, regenerative braking and many more.
The electric motorcycle has a claimed top speed of 147 kmph and the company also claims that the motorcycle can hit 0-60 kmph in 2.9 seconds and the 100 kmph mark in 7.5 seconds.

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