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Hero MotoCorp stepped into the EV industry with the launch of its first electric scooter under its EV-only brand Vida on the 7th of October. To be made available for purchase first in limited cities that include Delhi, Bengaluru, and Jaipur, the Vida V1 does carry rather a hefty price tag (starting at Rs 1.45 lakh and Rs 1.59 lakh for V1 Pro), which makes it the most expensive electric scooter in the country.
However, Hero MotoCorp promises to offer an EV ecosystem along with every Vida V1 unit sale. The price tag is currently high but the V1 is built on a modular platform, which points to a possibility for products at a lower price later as the company gets more data and feedback from its buyers. But until then, here is how Hero is positioning the Vida V1 differently in the market.
Vida V1 portable/swappable battery
The Vida V1 electric scooter comes with two removable battery packs. Two packs ensure that it isn’t difficult to carry the pack up to a high-rise apartment, for example. What is currently a portable battery is expected to serve as a swappable battery when Hero MotoCorp sets up a swappable battery network. This would give the customer the freedom to charge at home or swap at a station.
Vida V1 features an e-drive unit within a single housing that has a PMSM electric motor, IP 68 compliant, and transmission. The EV offers speeds of up to 80 kph, and acceleration from 0 to 40 kph in 3.2 seconds with a maximum output of 6kW.
Vida V1 buyback
During the launch of the Vida V1, Hero MotoCorp also announced a buyback programme for its electric scooter. A first-in-the-segment programme, Hero’s buyback promises 70 percent of the purchase value should a customer wish to return the product back to the company. In such a case, the scooter will only be bought back by the company if it is returned within the 16th to 18th months of ownership.
Vida V1 also gets ‘Green EMI‘, a financing platform which offers a paperless transaction and interest rates that are 1.5-2 percent lesser than the prevailing financial options in the market.

Vida V1 three-day test rides
Potential customers will be able to test ride the V1 electric scooter for up to three days, which is aimed at offering better clarity on making a purchase decision (unlike spending merely a few minutes with a product during standard test rides). Hero MotoCorp also promises to provide pick-and-drop services, along with on-site repairs.
Vida V1 connectivity features
The V1 electric scooter comes with a range of connectivity features, accessible on its seven-inch TFT screen. The ‘Vida Cloud’ enables features like prognostics, remote diagnostics, and searching charging slots, among others. The scooter also makes use of OTA (over-the-air) updates.

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