Komaki launches Venice Eco electric scooter. Check price and features

Days after dropping a teaser of its electric Venice Eco scooter, Komaki has launched the electric vehicle (EV) in India. As per HT’s sister publication Live Hindustan, Venice Eco costs 79,900, and those interested can book their EV on the company’s website.

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Here’s what we know about this e-scooter:

(1.) Komaki has given this model a lithium ferro phosphate (LiPO4) battery pack. Since the cell in this battery pack has iron, the pack does not catch fire.

(2.) The company claims that when charged with a regular charger, the battery gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours. In this process, 1.8 to 2 units are spent.

(3.) On a single charge, Komaki says, Venice Eco can go up to 85 to 100kms. Also, the model has riding modes called ‘Eco,’ ‘Comfort,’ ‘Sport,’ and ‘Turbo.’

(4.) The scooter has connectivity, features such as advanced TFT screen with navigation support and Bluetooth, digital instrument cluster, additional backrest, self diagnosis repair, front storage, multiple thermal sensors etc.

(5.) There’s a disc brake in the front wheel, and drum brake in the rear. An alloy wheel has been added to the front wheel, and spoke wheel in the rear.

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