Toyota’s Ethanol Flex-fuel ‘hybrid’ Review: Biofuel Hybrid car that Nitin Gadkari wants to use | Auto – Times of India Videos

Oct 14, 2022, 11:25AM ISTSource:

Toyota gave us a chance to experience a Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid running on flex-fuel. The car is capable of running petrol mixed with more than 20% ethanol and has been brought in from Brazil. Vehicles that run on flex-fuel have a lower carbon emission than EVs when you consider the well-to-wheel journey. They can be produced indigenously and will help reduce the country’s export of crude oil in the future. We drive this test mule to find out if this Corolla Altis Hybrid running on an alternate fuel feels any different to a regular internal combustion engine-powered vehicle. Apart from this, we discuss the pros and cons of adopting ethanol-powered vehicles on a larger scale and how plausible the scenario is.

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