Uber News UK: British man books Uber, gets billed Rs 32 lakh for 15 minute ride | – Times of India

A 22 year old man from Manchester, UK got the shock of his life when he was reportedly served a bill of GBP 35,477 (Rs 32.39 lakh approximately) for a 15 minute cab ride, back home from work. Oliver Kaplan had booked a cab from Uber just like any other day, he set the drop-off location to a pub in Witchwood, roughly 15 minutes away from his place of work. At the time, Kaplan was quoted an estimate of up to GBP 10.84 for the ride.

The next day Kaplan received an unsettling message from Uber, stating that his previous night’s ride has been billed for around Rs 32 lakh. The trainee chef immediately contacted Uber to find out how he got charged such an enormous amount for just a short ride. Upon investigation, Uber found out that due to some technical error, the drop off location got set to another location with the same name in Australia. The bill that Kaplan had received, was generated based on a ride covering thousands of km.


Fortunately in this case, Kaplan did not have sufficient funds in his account and Uber was unable to deduct the amount after which he received a system generated message. As unlikely as it may seem, this is not the only such incident. Earlier in 2020, another British student was served a bill of GBP 1,536 (Rs 1.39 lakh approximately) after he accidentally entered the wrong destination. What’s worse is that the student had slept off in the cab and woke up after five hours, 250 miles away from his pick-up point and was left with a hefty bill for the same.

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