Lakshmi Manchu embarks on new spiritual journey on birthday

For her 45th birthday, Lakshmi Manchu ditched the big birthday bash over spiritual celebrations. She took some days off for a pilgrimage, and she says the experience will continue to stay with her forever.

She went for Shrimal Kshetra, where one performs penance. She went to Bhinmal near Udaipur.

Opening up about her birthday celebrations, the actor says, “I think birthday month is very important every year”. “Birthday is a time to look at how far you’ve come, what you want to do. It is a time to reflect more than the New Years, it’s my birthday.” she adds.

That’s what she did this year. “Every year, everybody should celebrate their birthdays in a big way. Because you made it around the Sun one more time. After the Corona times, it’s even more important to do so. There are so many things I want to do in life”.

“On my birthday, I give myself permission to fulfil one of those desires. This year, I had an opportunity to go to Bhinmal, which is near the border of Rajasthan, Pakistan and Gujarat. It is like a lost city but it has significance for about a few 1000 years,” she shares, adding, “Every year doing the same thing and having a party is fine. But this time I took about 20 of my friends and family to visit this temple. It’s important to have the quiet and connect with the amazing energies. India has an understanding, and to get that deeper knowledge of our soul and being in our human birth, that was important for me”.

“I think spirituality has really given me a clearer picture of who I am inside. So no matter what happens outside, that happiness lies within you, and that happiness is a choice. You can go looking for it elsewhere and since I have discovered that every role I take, and everything I do, doesn’t affect me as much as how my inner journey is now more important,” she tells us.

The actor adds, “So whatever comes my way is a blessing and however it is, it is happening at the perfect time at the perfect frequency”.

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