Priyanka Chopra tries cooking at her NYC restaurant, ends up eating it all

Actor Priyanka Chopra took fans inside her restaurant Sona in New York City. She posted a behind-the-scenes video from the kitchen as she tried helping chefs. However, she also ended up relishing dishes offered by her restaurant as they talked about her love for Indian cuisine. Also read: Step inside Priyanka Chopra’s New York restaurant

The video begins with Priyanka in a brown suit while holding ‘steaming hot’ kebab skewers. Before proceeding into the kitchen, she urged viewers to not try it at home and went on to introduce chefs and told them, “Make me competent in the kitchen. I am not saying I can make any of these but what is happening here?”

While she tasted specialties like burrata butter chicken pizza, she also tried making avocado bhel and shared her soft corner for chat masala, the quintessential spice blend found in Indian dishes. She further praised her restaurant team and added, “You guys are bomb. I love eating here.”

Sharing the video, Priyanka promoted her restaurant on Instagram: “Behind the scenes from@sonanewyork’s kitchen… clearly I love a lot of things Thank you@harinayakand@harry.nairfor all the insanely yummy food. You know I’ll be back soon!”

Priyanka recently visited New York with her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. In between work, she also visited her restaurant with Malti, Nick Jonas and some of their friends. She also offered a sneak peek into her fine-dine.

Priyanka opened her restaurant with her friend Maneesh Goyal in March 2021. Talking about Sona, she told Architectural Digest India, “India is so diverse. I grew up in a timeless, luxurious India.” Revealing how her husband Nick Jonas helped the actor to name the restaurant, she added, “We were coming up with all these ideas and my husband goes, ‘Why not Sona?'” She asked him, “How do you know this word?” and he revealed that he learned it while shopping for their wedding with his mother-in-law Madhu Chopra.

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