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Amid a global correction instigated by the fear of monetary policy tightening, the Indian market has outperformed key global markets leading to concerns of overvaluation. Having hardly moved an inch on a year-to-date basis, is Nifty overvalued?

To discuss this and more, we spoke to Mr Gopal Agrawal, Senior Fund Manager, HDFC Mutual Fund.

Welcome to the show sir:

1) How comfortable are you with Nifty’s valuation at 17,000? Do you think the valuations are justified given how markets are reacting in the rest of the world?

2) If I ask you to bet on a sector purely based on valuations, where would you put your money and why?

3) Which are the 2-3 themes that you would like to bet on for the next few years?

Thank you for the insights.

That’s all in this week’s special podcast. Do keep checking this space for more interesting content and take time out to follow our market podcasts. Stay safe and have a Happy Weekend!

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