DU Admissions 2022: Delhi University launches new feature to show real-time data of course, college preferences

DU Admissions 2022: Delhi University today launched a new and important feature to assist interested candidates in their admission process for the upcoming academic session.

The varsity has introduced a new tab known as ‘College-Program wise Preference Count’. Through this tab, candidates can now check how many aspirants have opted for a particular programme in a college. This will help candidates get real-time instantaneous data/information about how many students are opting the course or programme. This will also help understand the programme and college preferences that the candidates are opting for in this academic session.

This data will be available on the DU website — du.ac.in. Students have to go to the admissions tab and click on the link provided in the top scroll for course-college preference.

It will be updated after every two hours on the website to ensure that aspirants get real-time data. This real-time data will help candidates make informed choices about their programme and college preferences.

The varsity also cautioned candidates against not adequately optimising the provisions of available preferences offered. DU official reiterated that candidates should select all the combinations to benefit maximally from the allocation rounds.

“While providing their preferences, the candidates are opting for far less number of choices despite being eligible for many such choices. For example, if a candidate has been provided with 1469 Program plus College preferences by the University, he/she must select all the combinations to benefit maximally from the allocation rounds,” the official notice reads. “Candidates are advised to select maximum number of Program plus College combinations to facilitate their probability of getting allocations as per the CSAS rules.”

Candidates should also remember that if they do not save their choices and preferences before 4:59 pm of October 10, the CSAS portal will automatically lock the preferences saved by the candidate.

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