DU Admissions 2022: One lakh applicants have marked college, course preference on CSAS portal, says official

With the application deadline around the corner and just about a third of the CUET candidates registering on the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) portal, Delhi University (DU) has decided to send bulk emails to all 6.15 lakh candidates who had expressed interest in studying at DU at the time of CUET registration.

DU’s dean of admissions Professor Haneet Gandhi, told The Indian Express, “We are sending bulk mail as a reminder, to all 6 lakh students, who selected DU on the CUET Portal. Over 2 lakh applicants have registered on the CSAS portal, as of now”.

Half of the 2 lakh candidates who have registered on DU’s CSAS portal have indicated their college and programme preference to date, Gandhi added.

Gandhi has earlier told this newspaper that at the end of the second phase on October 10, “A simulated list will be released before the launch of the first round of seat allocation round which will allow students to know where they stand, post which a window will be opened for correction. Students can then change their order of preferences”.

As reported by The Indian Express, till Monday (October 3), less than half the six lakh candidates who had marked DU as their preferred university while registering for the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) had actually applied to the university. Till last evening, DU has crossed the two lakh application mark, however, this is still way less than the 2.87 lakh application received last year and 3.53 lakh applications in 2020.

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