World Economic Forum launches ‘Education 4.0 India Report’

The World Economic Forum today launched a new ‘Education 4.0 India Report’ about bridging learning gaps and making education accessible to all with the help of technology. This report has been released as a collaboration of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF) and YuWaah (Generation Unlimited India).

While India has made significant progress in solving some of the most critical problems in education, almost 70 per cent of children in class 3 in India have been reported to have no basic reading and arithmetic skills. To get rid of this problem, storytelling, read-aloud and interactive content, flip-books and use of digital tools can be used to make learning fun and interesting for school students.

“The most successful uses of online learning and digital content during the pandemic have demonstrated their power to provide access to the best learning resources to students based far and wide, in addition to enabling students to study at their own pace and receive personalised content and assessment,” the report states.

The report suggests the use of personalised worksheets and videos at home, create digital communities with the help of teachers. In addition to several other solutions, the report also suggests having video content, homework and quizzes delivered every day on WhatsApp to drive target-based learning. This can also enable sensitisation and capacity building among parents, according to the report.

Through this report, the organisations aim to address the disparities in India’s education sector and hope to empower and engage young people. It proposes a roadmap to improve India’s school system and serves as a call to action to all stakeholders in the ed-tech space to come together to transform the sector.

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