CISCE 2022-23: Subject-wise Roadmap to Maximize Score, Add-On Specimen Papers for Board Exams

When you prepare for the ICSE & ISC board exams 2023, you’re competing against over 2 lakh students. Familiarizing yourself with the syllabus of each of your subjects is important. For ICSE ISC 2023 Board Exam, students must be preparing with ICSE ISC Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 10 & 12.

Score Booster Tips for ICSE ISC Board Exam 2023

 A. Retrieval Practice Technique  

It’s the phenomenon of bringing information to your mind directly from memory. Active means rather than passive means are used to bring this information. This means that instead of retrieving information, bringing it directly from the memory.

While using the retrieval practice, there’s another thing that occurs called the “testing effect” which is to check the improvement that comes in your learning capability with the retrieval practice.

 ICSE ISC specimen sample papers for classes 10 & 12 2022-23 are recommended by many teachers and principals for the ICSE ISC 2023 Board Exam preparation because they help students to overcome the fear, stress, and anxiety of the examination. 

 B. Decode The Exam Papers

Secondly, ICSE & ISC Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 10 & 12 help to understand the pattern and type of questions which can be asked and therefore solving e-specimen sample papers makes a lot of difference during the examination. The ICSE ISC Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 Books also help to develop time management skills.

For extensive practice, you may use sample papers of renowned publishers such as Oswaal Books, which is recently awarded “Product of The Year” as per the nation-wise survey done by Nielsen

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C. Subject-wise Insights for ICSE Board Exam 2023 for class 10


  • Ensure to do different types of questions rather than doing many questions of the same type.
  • Whenever you solve ICSE Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 10 try to write down the solutions.
  • Write each step of your answer and explain assumptions, conclusions, and inferences. Try to be neat and make diagrams wherever possible.


  • Do past years’ papers and memorise the important diagrams.
  • Practice drawing the diagrams. Neatness is the key.
  • ICSE Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for class 10 is highly important for exam insight.
  • Preparing by noting down the important topics at the time of regular studies can help a lot at the last-minute preparation and going through them can build up strong basics.


  • Equations are important, memorise them.
  • Get thoroughly acquainted with all the textbook concepts.
  • Prepare point-wise notes of key elements, including chemical formulas and reactions
  • Writing down answers also improves your memory recall.


  • Numerical-based formulas are asked.
  • Reasoning-based questions are also important.
  • understand the basic concepts which will help to know the fundamental principles and the connection between different concepts. 
  • be rigorous with the theoretical part before jumping to solve the numerical problems.


  • Try to answer in points.
  • Practising rigorously with ICSE Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 10 will help a lot for you. 
  • Don’t mess with the dates. Even though you can write stories, don’t go to the extent of changing dates/names/places etc.., they are really important and will fetch you marks


  • Do maps and topography.
  • Pick the chapters which you find easy to complete first.
  • Revision is mandatory. So, revise as much as you can. I hope this will be helpful to you. Stay focused and I hope you will ace the exams.

Language (English and Hindi)

  • In essays, make sure before writing the essay to outline the flow.
  • Make sure you memorise all formats of letters, notices, etc.
  • In comprehension, write from the passage.


  • Make sure you know the story very well.
  • Memorise even the details.
  • Cover all points from the question to avoid deduction of the mark
  • Use simple sentences that put across your point clearly.
  • Keep in mind the characteristics of the main characters to help you frame your answers                      

Computer Applications

  • Most questions are asked in programming.
  • Past year papers are important, practice them well.
  • Try to understand the basic role of any given terms. Clear all your doubts with your teacher and ask her what is important.

 D. Subject-wise Insight for ISC Board Exam 2023 for class 12


  • Start practising writing articles, summaries, essays, and proposals.
  • Remember to learn words followed by prepositions. 
  • The English textbook is the best, but also refer to ISC Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 12 Maths | Physics & All Subjects


  • Focus on the drama, it carries maximum weightage.
  • Quoting lines in your answers never fails to impress the evaluators.
  • Practice writing long answer questions.


  • Practice simple numericals that are formula based and try to remember the concept behind them.
  • ISC Specimen Sample Paper 2022-23 for Class 12 is most important for Physics.
  • go through the theory well all derivations and formulas.
  • Practice a good number of numericals and also conceptual questions just to be on the safe side. 


  • For Organic Chemistry, refer to the syllabus and write all the reactions that are prescribed.
  • Focus on the reasoning for inorganic. Also, past year papers will help you in this.
  • Physical Chemistry is the easiest and requires you to solve sums. Practice as much as you can.


  • Stick to those topics that are prescribed in the syllabus itself.
  • Take the help of specimen sample papers to score maximum in Biology.
  • Get familiarised with the question paper pattern.
  • Study the basics first and stick on to the syllabus
  • Be precise with the diagrams and terminologies


  • Practice a lot of the textbook. Also, try to make mind maps to remember the formulas, and memorise them daily in the morning.
  • Complete studying the topics given in the syllabus well ahead of the examination.
  • Improve your question-solving skills by practising a lot of problems under each category.
  • Revise all the important questions and formulas from a chapter every week.
  • Do not just mug up formulae. Understand the application aspect of them well.

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