Meet Monisha Mehta, A Reel Life Creator With A Real Life Goal

The act of giving, for reasons which are purely selfless brings a very different kind of fulfilment and gratification to the human soul! One person of such pure disposition is Miss Monisha Mehta

A ‘REEL’ life creator, Monisha Mehta is one such humble personality who believes in contributing selflessly to society in her own small ways!

She has many noble qualities, with the most prominent one being her generosity. These qualities have helped her accumulate many notable contributions starting with associating herself with several reputed NGOs like Aditya Birla Foundation, Cuddles Foundation, Milaap Foundation & Leo Club. Her benefactions over the last 6 years are quite commendable. There is no such area in terms of ‘giving back’ that she hasn’t already explored and implemented.

From improving their quality of social life in terms of interactions, activities and games to providing essentials to help the underprivileged, she’s done it all!

The creator has subsidized meals for specially-abled kids every year on her birthday. Her rationale for celebrating her birthday in such a way has always been: ‘It gives me immense happiness and an ulterior sense of satisfaction to spend time with them and to to do my part to aid them in any ways possible by me’

In her most recent act of philanthropy, she joined hands with The Leo Club and provided cancer-affected individuals with delicious lunches. The testing times of Covid – 19 didn’t stop this munificent being from being at the forefront to help the people in need! She made sure to help out 15 families of the daily wage workers with their monthly ‘rashan’. She also says ‘Being surrounded by them gives my life meaning and I feel blessed to be able to make a positive difference in their lives and I would never want to stop because I feel responsible for them’

‘Have the courage to give’, with such an ideology and a kind soul, this influencer has always tried to be someone’s hope, someone’s reason to smile and someone’s faith in humanity. With absolute Grace, Peace & Love, she’s a giver!

The world needs more people like her who manifest joy for others and will take the initiative to act on it, which will subsequently make the world a better place!


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