Rahul Gandhi’s remarks against Sangh, Savarkar is his frustration over failure in politics: RSS leader

Varanasi: Condemning Rahul Gandhi`s statement against Savarkar and Sangh, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar on Saturday said the Congress MP is known for speaking out of fact and it is a form of his frustration over failure in politics.

Speaking to ANI, Kumar said, “Rahul Gandhi`s statement on Savarkar and RSS is full of lies. It has become a fashion of Congress to level false allegations against RSS and Savarkar. Savarkar was a freedom fighter and the Britishers had put him under life imprisonment. Rahul Gandhi should stop lying.” 

“Congress had divided the country. Nehru was the one who supported the British in the partition of India. They are actually the Nehru family, not the Gandhi family. Rahul Gandhi is known for speaking out of fact. This is a form of frustration of Rahul Gandhi`s failure in politics,” added the Congress leader. 

Rahul Gandhi who is leading Congress` Bharat Jodo Yatra said in a rally in Karnataka that Savarkar used to work for the British in the freedom struggle and he used to get money for it. The Congress MP further alleged that RSS also supported the British Raj. 

Gandhi held an interaction with the masses as the Bharat Jodo Yatra resumed from Mayasandra, Tumakuru in Karnataka on Saturday and said that the party believes in fighting against those who spread hatred.

The Congress leader also jibed at the opposition and said, “I have always stood for a certain idea, that disturbs the BJP and RSS. Thousands of crores of media money and energy have been spent to shape me in a way which is untruthful and wrong. That will continue as that machine is financially rich and well-oiled.”

According to Congress, the `Bharat Jodo Yatra` is being held to combat the divisive politics of the BJP-led Centre and to awaken the people of the country to the dangers of economic inequalities, social polarisation and political centralisation.

The yatra is in its Karnataka leg and marked its 31st day today.

Notably, all the party MPs, leaders and workers along with Rahul Gandhi are staying in containers. Sleeping beds, toilets and ACs are also installed in some of the containers. During the journey, the temperature and environment will differ in many areas.

The Congress suffered a debacle in the assembly polls held earlier this year and the Yatra is seen as an attempt to rally the party rank and file for the upcoming electoral battles. 

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