Why is Temu So Affordable?

Through the e-commerce sourcing and fulfilment system run by its sister firm Pinduoduo, Temu has access to some of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Both companies are operated by Nasdaq-listed PDD, the giant e-commerce group that gathers more than 11 million merchants worldwide, and serves close to 900 million customers. This vast network allows Temu to curate premium and quality products at affordable prices by tapping into a roster of global suppliers.

Many of these international merchants are among the best in their fields, producing high-quality goods at competitive costs due to manufacturing know-how and technical expertise, developed through years of supplying the global market with a wide range of products across varying categories.

In other words, these manufacturers are those that create the consumer goods going around the market and have spent years refining their crafts to ensure their products are made to be both affordable and top-notch. They produce at economies of scale, bringing down prices to a wholesale level without sacrificing quality.

How does this make Temu affordable? Having access to this list of manufacturers is what allows Temu to price its products competitively, passing the savings onto its consumers by reducing the number of intermediaries that stand between buyer and seller. As Temu is able to procure products from manufacturers at wholesale prices, the e-commerce platform is able to make them cost-effective and accessible to a wider audience of potential consumers.

The way Temu works is by curating third-party merchants from its suppliers gathered from the PDD e-commerce ecosystem. Manufacturers register as sellers in the digital marketplace, where they can then list their products on Temu’s website. Temu users can then purchase these products, and communicate with merchants for any concerns.

Temu is open to manufacturers across multiple categories and includes suppliers for items not commonly seen in the country. Customers can now access hard-to-find products, innovative home and kitchen gadgets, as well as fashion items from some of the leading manufacturers around the world!

The online marketplace currently offers products across 16 main categories, including home and gardening, pet supplies, fashion, jewellery, office equipment, and many more. Merchants selling in Temu may have product lineups spanning across one or more of these categories, depending on the speciality of the seller.

The site does not only offer products from large-scale manufacturers and big-time merchants, but it also aims to support products from small to medium-sized businesses.

In effect, Temu serves as a gateway for merchants to expand their target market, bringing their products to a wider, global reach. Temu serves as a safe and reliable platform that connects merchants to its users and vice versa, facilitating fast and easy transactions between parties. Temu is especially advantageous for manufacturers who have yet to expand to the country.

Customers are able to experience the convenience and quality of Temu’s digital marketplace as well. Through Temu, consumers have the opportunity to access goods from overseas merchants and purchase them for attractive prices. Plus, Temu offers customers discounts and deals on selected items using digital vouchers for more savings.

With diverse and unique products listed on the site, a user-friendly site interface, and various payment options, Temu aims to ease online shopping so people can enjoy the conveniences and comforts of life. Still, one of the main appeals of Temu is its attractive pricing, which trumps the prices on other popular e-commerce sites.

Temu recently launched its site in September 2022 and is relatively new to the e-commerce scene on its own. The site is celebrating its launch with free shipping for the first three orders for all new users, and thousands of avid shoppers have already flocked to the site for their great deals and promos at www.temu.com/.

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