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PETA photoshoot model and actor Rozlyn Khan on Friday took to her Instagram handle and revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer. In an emotional post on social media, Khan has said that, “every setback makes me strong..this shall too…”

Khan reveals that the cancer growing in her was detected early. “There were no signs except severe pain in neck n back and I mistook it for gymnastics pain n stress on my back ..anyways early detected,” she wrote.

She will undergo chemotherapy for 7 months.

She is currently being treated at a hospital in Mumbai.

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Cancer pain
Khan says she mistook cancer pain for gymnastics pain. Though she has not revealed where the cancerous growth has been found in her body, she has written that she experienced pain in the neck and back.

Pain associated with cancer is often misunderstood and seen as any other common issue. Only a proper diagnosis can detect the cancer growth in the body.

Though termed as a silent killer, cancer has its own set of symptoms. However, the unfortunate truth is that the signs are often too subtle and are similar to commonly occuring issues that it becomes difficult for an individual to spot it. Many people delay cancer diagnosis with the assumption that the pain will subside gradually without having even an iota of knowledge of what serious disease is growing inside them.

What does cancer pain feel like?
Cancer can cause pain in several ways. The tumor growing inside the body can exert pressure on other parts of the body, the chemicals released can put the body through pain and severe pain is experienced during metastasis when the cancer cells spread to other parts.

Though pain is associated with a number of health complications, persistent pain might be a potential indicator of something serious.

If you have pain that is not going away in days, consult your doctor and get checked for tumors.

What are the other common signs associated with cancer?
As per John Hopkins University, apart from routine screening there are several other symptoms that can hint towards a cancerous growth in the body.

Unexplained weight loss where an individual sheds kilos without even trying for it is a telltale sign of cancer. In many cases it is the first sign of cancer. So, if you notice a drop in your weight do not hesitate to have a word with your doctor.

Fatigue is a very common sign of cancer, as it is of other complications. Fatigue associated with cancer is not like the tiredness one experiences after a day’s work; it is much more challenging to cope with.

The reason cancer cells use up the nutrients and energy required for the entire body, leaves the body with nothing to survive on. “Cancer uses your body’s nutrients to grow and advance, so those nutrients are no longer replenishing your body. This “nutrient theft” can make you feel extremely tired,” explains a report from John Hopkins University.

Fever, which is always thought of as a sign of common cold, is very closely associated with cancer. Fever which happens at night mostly, which occurs with no other sign of infection and comes with night sweats indicate cancerous growth in the body.

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