Home interior decor: DIY tips to decorate your table this festive season

September and October seem to have been two of the most energetically-eventful months of the year, so far where with Dussehra far behind us and Diwali drawing nearer, guests seemingly shuffle in and out of the house calling for regular upkeep and constant cleaning. In the age when every homely corner becomes an Instagram photo-op, embracing the pressure to maintain a spectacularly polished and decorated house has become a must!

To alleviate you of this stress, we collected a few tips on how to keep your tables remarkably ornamented this festive season:

1. Candelabras or candle-stands

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Neera Chopra, Founder of 19Sides, shared, “One of the chicest manners through which you can elevate your tabled surfaces is by simply placing classy candelabras on them. If the classic, three and five pronged metallic candelabras don’t whet your palette, don’t worry! Opt for candle stands instead, providing immense flexibility to your decor as they can be bought individually or in sets in various shapes, sizes and colours.”

2. Table-runners

Neera Chopra pointed out, “Table-runners are simply long and thin stretches of stunning fabric that go across the length of your dining and console tables. Fortunately, these can be found in a multitude of colours, textures and patterns so they are bound to go with the aesthetics of your dining room and home!”

3. Family photos and framed artwork

According to Neera Chopra, adding a personal touch to any space goes a long way in transforming it from a house to a home and placing photos of your family and your favourite artwork is the perfect way to do so. She suggested, “Curate a collection of frames that go well with the theme and colour palette of your home and fill them up with photos and artwork, old and new. Displaying photos from past family vacations, key milestones, and your pets even act as natural conversation starters!”

4. DIY Diyas

Sanjana Bhansali, DIY Artist and Founder of The Aesthete Project, recommended, “Celebrate the festival of lights by indulging with your family in making your own clay diyas. Customize your designs and place them across your table to instantly spruce up your table and home.”

5. Flower vases

“Repurpose old alcohol bottles by painting the exteriors and adding flowers to them. Pick festive flowers like marigolds or hibiscus and they are sure to liven up the space. Add a small tea-light diya to wine glasses and place them at the center of your table to instantly lighten up the space,” said Sanjana Bhansali.

6. Block printed accessories

According to Sanjana Bhansali, there is nothing better than customising your own mats, table cloths and napkins using the trendy block print technique.

7. Floral rangoli

“Create a floral rangoli as your center piece with traditional flowers. Place them in concentric circles or waves to occupy the space and make it look impactful at the same time,” advised Sanjana Bhansali.

Not only do such centerpieces boost the charm of your house but also create character in abundance. Of course, there is no hurry to overly decorate each of your table-tops immediately, one must always take their time to curate and build the decor of their house patiently. Bring out your creative juices this festive season.

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