If you want six-pack abs like Ranbir Kapoor, here’s your go-to guide

Recently, some unseen pictures of Ranbir Kapoor from the audition of his latest release, Brahmastra, went viral on social media. Originally shared by his trainer Kunal Gir, the shirtless pictures of the actor were re-shared by Neetu Kapoor. As expected, Ranbir’s chiselled physique replete with his six-pack abs, had all fitness enthusiasts taking notes. “This one is for all the Ranbir Kapoor fans. These are unseen pics taken during a look test in Bulgaria,” Gir had captioned the pictures.

If you, too, are looking to build six-pack abs, we’ve got you covered.

What exactly are six-pack abs?

The “six-pack abs” are part of the rectus abdominis muscle. “While many people see the six-pack as a symbol of fitness or core strength, it is actually the outer layer of the core muscles that does little for spine stability,” Varun Rattan, co-founder of The Body Science Academy, Noida, told indianexpress.com.

“Even if your core muscles are well-developed, they won’t be visible if covered with a thick wall of fat. To reveal your abs, you must reduce your body fat percentage to below 12. The abs cannot be revealed through any one magic exercise, secret diet, or fad supplement. A common error I see in the gym is overweight people spending half of their time doing crunches and side bends to get rid of belly fat. In reality, a combination of weight training, some amount of cardio, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep can help you achieve your goals,” Rattan added.

But, if you have just started with muscle building exercises, go easy. Give your body enough time to acclimatise to the new workout. Try lifting a combination of different weights and do some repetitions to see how your body reacts. Once comfortable, amp it up with heavier weights and more repetitions. Remember, a workout is supposed to be challenging but not overly challenging, said Dr Batul Patel, medical head – The Bombay Skin Clinic.

Also, note that well-developed abdominal muscles coupled with low fat in the body can help you build muscles. Experts suggested that exercises like deadlifts, squats, rollouts, Pallof press, dumbbell also help in developing six-pack abs. However, it isn’t easy and needs dedicated effort, including maintaining a strict diet.

Rattan also added that multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and rowing consume more calories than single-joint exercises.

“These exercises can aid in muscle development. Even at rest, muscles are energy-hungry tissues that consume more energy (calories). A diet high in protein provides the body with the raw material necessary for muscle development. However, fruits and vegetables should not be neglected. A well-balanced diet is key here. Adequate sleep allows the muscles time to repair. It also creates an optimal environment for fat-burning hormones to be released,” he noted.

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