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The festive season is in full swing, and this is when most of us tend to binge on ghee-laden mithai, farsan and heavy meals rich in calories. With a lot of parties and gatherings during the festive season, it’s often difficult to stick to our workout regimen and keep our health on track. But fear not! If you are looking for ways to detox your body, here are some teas, which can help you get back into shape after the festive week.


Raw and refreshing, white tea is delicate with a sweet and mild flavour profile. With minimum processing, low oxidation and frequent air drying, it falls under the high-grade category.

This variant of tea has the lowest caffeine levels, compared to the rest.

• A high-grade tea requires freshwater to bring

out the best flavour profile. Filtered or spring

water is thus recommended

• Heat 180ml of water in an infuser kettle,

just short of boiling. Boiling water can

cook up the leaves and alter the flavour

• Add 1tsp of loose white tea leaves

to the infuser

• Let it steep for 2-3 minutes • Strain the tea leaves and pour the

tea into your cup

Benefits: White tea is a real immune booster, thanks to its rich antioxidants. The catechins help in reducing inflammation and regulate the body’s immune system. White tea is also good for digestion. White tea helps in reducing sweet cravings too.


High flavonoid components and minimal processing make green tea preserve all the natural goodness. Moreover, green tea is an adaptable drink that can play around with myriad flavours.


• Boil water (200-250ml) along with crushed peppercorns (4-5)

• Add grated ginger (1tsp), lemongrass (few strands), and tulsi leaves (3-4)

• Allow it to boil for approximately 5 minutes

• Add in the cinnamon powder (1/2tsp) and simmer for a minute

• Strain it well in a cup and add a green tea bag. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes

• Squeeze in lemon or add honey as a sweetener as per preference

Benefits: Green tea contains antioxidants and calming and cleansing properties. It also helps boost the immune system and is extremely effective in weight loss.


Rose tea has high nutritional value and can wield a calming, soothing, antidepressant effect. Ideal as a refreshing iced brew to feel fresh after a long day of attending social events and festivities.


• Boil 500ml of water and add 1 rose green tea pyramid teabag

• Steep for 1-2 minutes

• Strain the tea in a pitcher and let it cool

• Add ice cubes

• Add 1-2tsps of rose syrup as a sweetener

• Stir well

• Pour it into a glass and garnish with some mint leaves

Benefits: It can not only be effective in weight loss but also helps ease menstrual cramps and betters the immune system. Rose Green Tea is a source of natural antioxidants and it restores balanced indigestion. This tea has calming and cleaning properties.


Sweet iced teas are traditionally made from black tea leaves. The deep colour and rich flavour are what set aside a sweet iced tea. Classic black teas and Nilgiri teas brew a smooth and flavourful iced tea.


• Bring 500ml of water to a boil in a pot

• Add 2tsp of English Breakfast or Nilgiri black tea leaves when the water boils over

• Remove the pot from heat and stir the liquid for 30 seconds

• Allow the leaves to steep for around 4-5 minutes

• Strain the tea leaves and pour the brew into a pitcher

• Add ice along with cane sugar or honey to the pitcher when the brew comes to room temperature

• Refrigerate until chilled

• Cinnamon sticks and orange slices can be added to the pitcher during refrigeration for that extra punch

• Enjoy the sweet tea with a wedge of lemon

Benefits: Black tea is refreshing and gives you the much-needed energy and alertness to get you through the day.


LEMON HONEY TEA: It is an all-in-one health booster that benefits the heart, manages cholesterol and improves brain function. It also helps in weight loss and improves your skin health and the probiotic benefits of honey help aid digestion.

CINNAMON ANISE GREEN TEA: Cinnamon anise green tea is antioxidant-rich and helps in boosting immunity. It also helps in weight loss by improving metabolism and reducing appetite. It also helps correct various digestive disorders, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, flatulence, and gastritis.

GINGER AND TURMERIC TEA: Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It is rich in antioxidants and important nutrients. Ginger, on the other hand, is a quite sought-after de-bloating food. Have a cup of ginger and turmeric tea before going to bed.

PEPPERMINT TEA: Vitamin C in peppermint helps overall immune system of

your body, which naturally helps the virus and bacteria to stay away. Besides, it is also helpful in clearing the air passage, which may be blocked by mucus. The manganese in peppermint counters the free radicals in your body and helps neutralise them.

TULSI TEA: Tulsi leaves, both fresh and dried, are known to increase metabolism. Tulsi tea acts as a great natural detox. The potent herb purifies and cleanses your body of all kinds of toxins. It is great for weight loss, too.

— Inputs by Ekta Jain, CMO of an Indian tea brand

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