Try this low-fat recipe today for all your kadhi cravings

Bored of your regular low-fat recipes that are tasteless? If you like to keep adding variety to your meals, you must swear by this lip-smacking recipe that doesn’t need much preparation. What more? All you need are simple ingredients that can be tossed up in a jiffy. Wondering how?

Here’s a quick recipe from nutritionist Leema Mahajan that is not much on your calorie scale and is a favourite with most people.

Take a look.

The nutritionist shared the recipe of Low Fat Ghiya Kadhi or low fat bottle gourd kadhi or yogurt sauce made with buckwheat flour.

Here’s how to make it.


1/2tsp – Ghee
1tsp – Cumin
1tsp – Ginger chilli paste
10-15 no – Curry leaves
200g – Roughly chopped ghiya
1/2 cup- Curd
1-2tbsp – Buckwheat flour/whole wheat flour


*Take a cooker, add ghee, jeera, ginger paste, curry leaves and once the jeera leaves crackle add chopped ghiya, salt and water to it and let it cook for two whistles.
*Till the time it’s cooking, take curd in a bowl and add buckwheat flour to it.
*Mix it well and make a smooth paste make sure there are no lumps.
*Once the pressure releases open the see if ghiya is cooked well. Switch on the gas and mash the ghiya with the ladle.
*Once the ghiya is cooked, switch off the flame and add the mixture to the cooked ghiya little by little and keep stirring let it cook for another five minutes.
*Serve hot with cheelas or rotis and enjoy.

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