World Mental Health Day 2022: 7 daily rituals that can refresh and rejuvenate you every single day

World Mental Health Day 2022: Do you often wake up feeling dull and exhausted and the endless cups of tea and coffee only make your mood worse? You aren’t alone. The everyday stress builds up over a period of time and the excessive screentime combined with lack of quality sleep could literally play havoc with our mental health and bring our productivity several notches down. It is important to start your day and wind down in a healthy way and for that a daily routine comprising of certain self-care practices that refresh and rejuvenate you is required.

“In our day-to-day lives, where most of us are engaged in work for almost 50 to 60 hours a week, snoozing the alarm often gives us an instant respite from a hectic day at work. We find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings and kick off our day with the same energy every day. However, incorporating a few rituals into our daily routine can help us get our day off to a healthy, happy start,” says Ira Trivedi, Celebrity Influencer and Founder, Yog Love.

Here are 7 rituals that can refresh and rejuvenate you every single day and help you start your days off on the right foot.

1. Meditate and express gratitude

Research shows that gratitude meditation is strongly associated with a greater sense of happiness and well-being. “Focusing on positivity and counting blessings increases optimism, strengthens relationships, relieves depression, improves immune function, and lowers blood pressure,” says Ira.

“The meaning of meditation goes beyond mindfulness. It is a sacred practice of helping one attain their highest and most powerful version of themselves. It is the science-based non-pharmaceutical meditative protocols that are proven by research to reverse anxiety, depression and insomnia within a few weeks of diligent practice. However, in the modern era, if you’re aiming to learn authentic and effective meditation techniques for mental health, opt for protocols that are research-backed, and integrated with traditional medicine and Indian Knowledge Systems,” says Ishan Shivanand, Founder of Yoga of Immortals.

2. Practice short yoga or workout sessions

According to Ira, exercise can help you shake off any residual sluggishness from your body and it has a huge impact on producing and balancing hormones that elevate your mood and give you an overall ‘feel good’ response to start each and every day.

“The post-pandemic sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to the body. The body has come from nature and one day, will be returned. In the interim, if we don’t live our happiest lives, then what’s the point? Involve yourself in regular movement in the morning and throughout the day – be it walking, dancing, sports or anything that makes you feel alive. I personally recommend a combination of breathwork and yogic techniques,” says Ishan.

3. Write down your daily goals and intentions

“We are what we repeatedly do, and what we do at the start of your day can set the tone for the rest of it. Take a moment to write and track your intentions in a journal. Sincerely writing down your goals refreshes your mind and motivates you to achieve them,” says Ira.

“In order to manifest your most capable version, practice the art of visualization and put your goals on paper. The key here is that you need to fully immerse yourself into the activity, mentally as well as emotionally and do it consistently. Believe that what you envision is possible and is achieved already,” says Ishan.

4. Eat nutrient-rich foods

Ira says fuelling the body with the right kind of healthy food will give you the energy to grind throughout the day and it will also rejuvenate our body and augment positive thoughts.

5. Spend time with your loved ones

“The company of our loved ones makes us feel safe and less anxious. A small chitchat with an added dose of laughter releases oxytocin, which moulds a person in a way that they become more calm and mentally relaxed,” says Ira.

6. Express gratitude

“A small mantra has incredibly helped me deepen my relationship with myself and those close to me. With pure intention and emotion, just say ‘love you, bless you, thank you’ to yourself and the people around you, frequently. These words have an impact on the brain waves and help stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system,” says Ishan.

7. Sleep on time

The most undermined and highly transformational habit is to sleep timely. Our bodies function as per the circadian rhythm – aligned with the movement of the sun. After 9 pm, the brain begins to secrete melatonin, which enables the deepest form of rest during sleep. This habit will ensure you wake up early, and get more work done than most people – with high energy levels throughout the day, says Ishan.

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