Could have killed myself: F1 driver after narrowly missing tractor on the track of Japanese Grand Prix

In the Japanese Grand Prix, F1 driver Pierre Gasly almost killed himself as he crash into the back of the tractor which was on the racetrack. It was raining heavily at the Suzuka Circuit. The crane tractor was on the track to pick up a damaged vehicle which is a standard procedure but as it was a horrendous downpour Gasly could not see clearly. With the rain pelting down at Suzuka and drivers skidding out at high speeds, the decision to keep the tractor on track while drivers continue going around the circuit at Suzuka was baffling. Gasly came frighteningly close to hitting the tractor.

“I could have f***ing killed myself,” Gasly said on the team radio “What is this? What is this tractor on track?! I passed next to it. This unacceptable. Remember what has happened. Can’t believe this.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the unfortunate accident –




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