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Microsoft will soon allow users to magnify each slide in a PowerPoint Live presentation shared during a Teams meeting. The Redmond-based tech giant has updated the official Microsoft 365 roadmap to announce this new feature that will arrive for the popular video calling platform. Earlier, viewers had to stick to the frame that was shown to them during an in-call PowerPoint presentation, but that will change soon.
Microsoft Teams PowerPoint presentations new feature: Availability
The company has mentioned that this new feature is still under development and is expected to make this feature available for all users within November 2022. Microsoft Teams’ upcoming PowerPoint presentation will be available for users across multiple platforms including — Desktop, Web, iOS, Mac and Android.
Microsoft Teams PowerPoint presentations new feature: Importance
Users will be able to enlarge any slide of their preference privately without disturbing the presentation or the view of other participants. Not only will this feature help users to view the slides properly, but will also allow them to draw attention towards certain areas and data points that are incorrect or have been missed out.
Collaboration between Microsoft’s tools
Microsoft is trying to offer better integration between some of its most popular tools. This new feature will be another step towards seamless use of PowerPoint Live into the Teams video calling platform.
Earlier this year, the company added two new tools to the popular presentation platform. Cameo and Recording Studio, both released in 2021 as separate tools were integrated to improve the PowerPoint experience. These tools allowed users to access more customisations and even record their presentations.
Microsoft’s recording studio for PowerPoint helps users to practice their presentations ahead of the actual meeting. This way users can sharpen their delivery and even identify the areas where they need to improve before the Teams call.
Moreover, PowerPoint Live now also supports live slide translation which allows both presenters and attendees to translate slides instantly during a Microsoft Teams call. To activate this feature, users need to right-click on the presentation and look for the “Translate Slides” option.

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