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Apple usually categorises its discontinued products into two categories — ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’. Recently, it marked the iPhone 6 as ‘vintage’ and now it’s time for another iPhone to join the list of ‘obsolete’ products. According to a memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple will make the iPhone 5C obsolete next month.
According to the report, the memo was sent to the authorised service providers and based on that, iPhone 5C and iPad mini third-generation will be marked ‘obsolete’ starting November 1. For those unaware, Apple made the iPhone 5C ‘vintage’ in October 2020 which means, repairs and parts availability for the product were already limited. Once it will become obsolete, the company will discontinue all its services and repairs, as per the memo sent by the company. The same applies to the third-generation iPad mini.

Apple iPhone 5C was launched in 2013 alongside the iPhone 5S as an affordable iPhone with a plastic back and vibrant and punchy colour options. The smartphone was launched in Blue, Green, Pink, White and Yellow. Long before iPhone SE came into the picture, the iPhone 5C was the first Apple iPhone to launch as an affordable device aimed at mass market and budget-oriented consumers.
However, Apple usually calls a product vintage after five years and between seven years of discontinuing the product. Once the product has been discontinued for more than seven years, it gets marked as an obsolete product, ending all the support from the company’s end, including repairs from third-party service providers.

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