WhatsApp reportedly testing bigger group size with up to 1024 participants – Times of India

WhatsApp has started testing a bigger group size for its instant messaging platform. WABetaInfo has reported some WhatsApp beta users are now able to add up to 1024 people including themselves in a single group on WhatsApp.
For those unaware, currently, the group size on WhatsApp is limited to 512 people. Now, the company is reportedly testing up to 1024 people in a single group. It is important to note that the bigger group size is currently available for a very small number of beta users in Argentina.
WABetaInfo has also shared some screenshots where it can be clearly seen that the group page shows “1 out of 1024” selected at the top of the group creation page where we add contacts. We also checked for the same and currently, we can only add up to 512 people in a single group.

It is also expected that the bigger group size test will expand to more beta testers in other regions in the coming days or months.
While the bigger group size can be a good thing for bigger groups or people or organisations, especially when WhatsApp has already been added and also working on features that will allow admins to manage groups better. That includes features like ‘only admins can post’, the ability to share group joining links, an approval request system, etc.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has recently started testing screenshot-blocking features with select beta testers which prevent users from taking screenshots for photos shared with the ‘View once’ option.

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