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WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that keeps updating with new features to improve user experience. Other than end-to-end encrypted messaging (to both groups and individuals), this Meta-owned instant messaging platform also allows its users to make group voice/video calls, store important documents and more. Recently, WhatsApp has increased its group participants limit from 256 to 1024 members.
This has been a useful addition to the platform as rival services like Telegram enables users to add up to 200,000 members in each group. However, one downside of upgrading the group limit can be the increased notifications. The only way users can block themselves from getting flooded by messages from a group with several active members is by manually disabling the notifications of a particular group(s). However, this is going to change soon as WhatsApp is testing a new solution for Android users that will automatically reduce the burden of notifications on its users.

WhatsApp notification reduction feature on Android: What is it
According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has released a new beta version ( for its Android app that includes a new feature that will automatically mute groups with more than 256 people by default. This will happen when the number of participants in a group will cross the 256 mark.
WhatsApp will automatically mute the group as soon as the 257th member will be added. However, you can opt to unmute the group but it has to be done manually. This new feature can be handy for users when a group is not well-moderated, and you don’t even want to participate in the discussion.

The new notification reduction feature is currently available for limited beta testers and the company is gradually adding this feature to more beta members. WhatsApp may also add this feature to its stable versions soon.

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